Natural Genetic Engineering and Natural Genome Editing

Date 2009/11/9 14:42:24 | Topic: Biocommunication

The recent literature on whole genome sequences provides abundant evidence for the action of natural genetic engineering in evolution. Discoveries about natural genetic engineering have coincided with rapid progress in our understanding of epigenetic control and RNA-directed chromatin formation.
Special attention needs to be paid to the role of viruses and related so-called "parasitic" elements in the origin of genome formatting and natural genetic engineering capabilities especially the role of non-random genetic change operators in the production of complex evolutionary inventions. This volume, stemming from the symposium “Natural Genetic Engineering and Natural Genome Editing” (3-6 July 2008, Salzburg, Austria), contains contributions from leading scientists working on genome organization, genome restructuring, genome formatting and virus research in the context of evolution, development, and disease. Visit Wiley Intersience >

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