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Date 2009/2/14 13:00:00 | Topic: Biocommunication

"Glance at Witzany's little book and put it beside standard texts on semio-communication written by those who still favour mechanistic causality in exploring animal behaviour and you can see how far Biosemiotics has come" (Peter Harries-Jones, University of Toronto)
Volume 1 established the foundations of a three-leveled biosemiotics, i.e. one in which any investigation or analyses of sign-mediated interactions must recognize the complementarity of syntactic (combinatorial), pragmatic (contextsensitive) and semantic (contentspecific) rules.
Volume 2 now delivers the practical application. The articles cover all organismic kingdoms except that of Archaea, demonstrating Bio-Communication in all domains of life.
Bio-Communication is the precondition for any coordination within and between organisms. Bio-Communication occurs on three levels (A) intraorganismic, i.e. intra- and intercellular, (B) interorganismic, between the same or related species and (C) metaorganismic, between organisms which are not related.
The Bio-Communicative approach transforms empirical data of traditional biological research into a practical tool for a consistent categorization of all living processes.


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