Biocommunication Research

Alveolar tissue macrophage phagocytosis. (C) by Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc.

1987-1990 Research and Development of the Theory of Communicative Nature

Cells, tissues, organs, organisms coordinate and organize by communication processes, i.e. sign-mediated interactions.

Sequences of the genome are structured language-like, i.e. follow combinatorial (syntactic), context-sensitive (pragmatic) and content-specific (semantic) rules.

Evolution is not the result of genetic random mutations and their selection.

Evolution in all its main steps occurs by competent agent-driven natural genome editing.

Invited Presentations of the Theory of Communicative Nature:

1989 International Schelling Congress, Bad Leonberg
1990 Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft f. Philosophie, Hamburg
1992 Konrad Lorenz Institute, Altenberg a.d. Donau
1993 Invitation by Thure von Uexküll, Freiburg i.BrG.
1994 Int. Semiotik-Congress, Berkley
1995 Akademie für Integrierte Medizin, München
1996 Akademie für Integrierte Medizin, Wiesbaden
1997 Akademie für Integrierte Medizin, Wiesbaden
1998 Akademie für integrierte Medizin, Bad Glotterbad
1998 The Reality of Constructivism II, Heidelberg
1999 Int. Semiotik-Congress, Dresden
2003 Int. Society for History, Philosophy and Social Studies, Wien
2004 4th Gathering in Biosemiotics, Prag
2005 5th Gathering in Biosemiotics, Urbino
2005 1st Congress for Plant Neurobiology, Florenz
2006 6th Gatherting in Biosemiotics, Salzburg >
2006 10th Evolutionary Biology Meeting, Marseilles
2007 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York
2008 Natural Genetic Engineering and Natural Genome Editing, Salzburg
2009 68th Annual Assembly of the SSM, Lausanne
2009 Cancer and Communication, Salzburg
2010 10th Gathering in Biosemiotics, Braga
2011 Viruses of the Environment, Heidelberg >
2011 Universitätsklinikum, Freiburg
2012 EMBO Meeting, Nice >
2013 RNA Society Meeting, Davos >
2014 DNA Habitats and it's RNA Inhabitants, Salzburg >
2015 is4is Summit, Vienna >
2016 Universitätsklinikum Freiburg i.Br.
2017 CSIC, Instituto de Parasitología y Biomedicina López - Neyra, Granada, Spain
2018 EVOLUTION Symposium, Salzburg >
2018 Current Trends in Biomedicine, Baeza, Spain >
2019 Deutsche Astrobiologische Gesellschaft, Vienna
2021 Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Stuttgart

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