Biocommunication Intention

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My research interests are biocommunication processes and natural genome editing.
This means that:

cells, tissues, organs and organisms coordinate and organize by communication processes, i.e. sign.mediated interactions
nucleotide sequence order and the ratio of genome architecture are structured language-like, i.e. follow combinatorial (syntactic), context-sensitive (pragmatic)
and content-specific (semantic) rules

My investigations therefore focus on

sign-mediated interactions within and between all kind of cellular organisms
(archaea, bacteria, eukarya)
the role of persistent viruses and subviral agents in replication, transcription,
translation, repair and recombination
persistent viral agents and the evolution of their persistence
applied linguistic competences of natural genetic engineers
the role of viruses in the evolution of tissues and organs
the role of subviral RNAs in the generation of viral identities
communal and cooperative evolutionary processes
natural invention and integration of novel nucleitide sequences
Multiply (re)usable nucleotide sequence contents and regulatory agents
immunity: pragmatic conditions, syntactic sequence order, semantic content flow

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